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Feb 5 2013 | by Amber
Are you looking for the best couples spa Colorado has to offer? Welcome to The Woodhouse Day Spa in Castle Pines.We’re pleased to announce new couples spa packages just in time for Valentine’s Day.Keep reading to learn more about our couples...
Feb 2 2013 | by sslp
 With cooler weather, comes drier skin.  It helps to avoid using too much soap which can dry out the skin, especially in our low humidity environment.  Come in to the Woodhouse Day Spa Castle Pines for our signature skin hydrating body treatments...
Feb 2 2013 | by sslp
Always available, online gift cards.  Give what they really want, a gift card to the Woodhouse Day Spa Castle Pines!
Feb 2 2013 | by dm
The Woodhouse Day Spa Castle Pines is the perfect place to host your next bridal shower, birthday celebration, anniversary, or any other special occasion.  We have a sizeable quiet room, several treatment rooms, and a variety of services sure to...
Nov 9 2012 | by dmoore
Gel nails are here!  We use only all natural, gel nails that last long beyond regular polish without the cost, odor, or damage that comes with artificial nails.  Call today for an appointment!
Sep 20 2012 | by Maurita Elias
Ask us, we know this one by “heart”—no pun intended.  First, let’s define both words: Fitness is the physical ability of your body to perform an athletic activity.  Health is the state in which all the systems of the body—nervous, muscular,...


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