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How to Find the Best Massage Places in Colorado

| by Amber, under Wellness

Want to know what features and treatments to look for to find the best massage places in Colorado?

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know to find local massage spas that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated—every time!

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The Top 5 Things to Look For in a Leading Massage Spa

Without further adieu, here are the top 5 things to look for when searching for the ultimate massage experience.

#1 – Certified Massage Therapists

Massage has the potential to ease pain, boost immunity, improve sleep, reduce hypertension, alleviate stress and more. That’s if its done right.

A poorly delivered massage by someone who isn’t professionally certified can cause pain and injury.

Always ensure that the spa you’re attending has certified massage therapists to ensure you get the greatest benefits from your massage and avoid potential injuries. No exceptions.

Your massage therapist should take the time to get to know your body and after only a few visits know exactly how much pressure to apply, and where your kinks are. The best therapists, like the ones at Woodhouse, keep detailed notes on each of their returning customers.

#2 – Variety of Massage Types that Cover Different Needs

Leading massage places and spas offer a variety of massage services that can be custom tailored to each visitor’s needs.

Before you book your visit, the employees of the spa should inquire about why you’re looking for a massage and types of massages you’ve had in the past. After gathering some information about you and your needs they should be able to recommend the massage that will be most beneficial for your situation.

This way you don’t end up with a deep tissue massage, when what you really needed was a Swedish massage.

#3 – Relaxing Environment Where You Feel Comfortable

If the intent of your massage is to relax, rejuvenate, and relieve stress or pain, you want to be in an environment that allows you to let go and receive the maximum benefit from your massage.

You need to feel comfortable.

And not only should the environment make you comfortable—the employees should make you feel at ease as well. This is your time to relax with a soothing massage. If you find that the environment is detracting from your massage, it’s time to look for a new spa.

#4 – Healthy Approach to Life That Extends From Massage

The best massage therapists don’t just give massages—they live the lifestyle.

Ask your massage therapist how you can live a healthier lifestyle that will extend the feeling you get from your massage through until your next appointment. They should be eager to offer advice.

From super foods to fun activities and exercise, if they are truly passionate about massage, they should take a holistic approach to living healthy as well.

#5 – The Difference Between Getting A Kink Out and A Full Service Spa Experience

There’s a big difference between getting a massage to get a kink out of your neck, and jumping headfirst into a full service spa experience.

Refreshing drinks (our favorite is cucumber water!). Comfy robes. Sandals. Relaxing sounds and music. Luxurious oils. These are all part of the massage experience, and help you to relax and maximize the benefits of your massage.

The full service, luxury day spas will allow you to combine a relaxing massage experience with other services like facials, manicures, etc.

That’s the difference between getting a kink out and a full service spa experience.

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